Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

Spread Peace and Love to Get the Eternal Love

I think everything has a soul, although it can’t move. For me, not only human beings, animals, and plants that have a soul, but also everything in the world created by God such as stone, water, book, table, glass, etc have it. They can feel everything about this life. I always think about this life. I like watching every moment I see. All the more when I saw people did something what they want although it is so painful. At that time, I saw a man throw a glass on the floor.

When I saw his behavior, I thought about what he has done to the glass. And then I ask my self, questions which are suddenly in my mind, “why he did that? Did not he think that he hurt it? And did not he think that…if he got a same action from someone, he would feel so hurt and maybe he would fight that person”. But, glass is the thing that can not move, it does not have arm and does not have legs to do something. So, it can not do anything to protect itself. I am so sad after seeing that moment.

After that moment, I always think about them, about everything in this world. I’m sure that the glass and all of the things want to get a good action from us as God’s creatures that have feeling in their heart, feeling to get a good action and feeling to be loved by another people. God is All-loving for his creatures without the exception. God’s loving is very big. God ceaseless spread it to all mankind, all his creatures from time to time. God never feels bored what he has done to spread his loving for all of his creatures in this world. But… how about us? We only try to love half or some of his creatures in the world, not all. As I feel, it is so hard to do that. Why? The answer is in our heart.

I, as his creature, I want to give peace and love for another, if I can. And I believe I can do that because God has given us some of His characteristics such as Rahman and Rahim. It means love and pity which are full of peace and love. God gives us those characteristics in order we can spread peace and love for all of His creatures in the world. And I think if all of mankind can manage it, our life will be harmonious.

I often say to God, say something about my experience, about my wish in this life…in the world and in the lasting place…

“God, I want to say that I love You so much. But I feel... I do not proper to be loved by You. God, I think if I love You, I have to love all of Your creatures in this world, people, animals, plants, and all of the things in the world because You are All-loving. I may not hurt them. And if I can do that, I’m sure that You will love me more. I hope that. God, may I see you later? May I meet You at certain time? God, I have a dream… and I’m sure You know that. A dream which I wish it comes true. I hope to see You and I can meet You in a lasting place to treat my yearning as long as my life in this world. Sometimes I feel I am like a man who is mad about someone and try to get the eternal love from You.”

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